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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's amazing what happens when you have an exam that decides your future in the business (passed with a 90%, one of the highest scores in my school,) the end of the semester, and a lack of free time...

What happens is your blog falls quickly by the wayside, as do your social life, propensity to have fun, and health. I'm back now, though, and I'll see you shortly with more posts.


  1. No worries, Aaron. RealLife(tm) happens to us all. I'm finishing finals this week myself.
    Congrats on your awesome test score!

  2. Good. You have me thoroughly intrigued.

  3. Congrats to this great score! Should be a big plus for your career! I love the idea and recipes of this blog very much! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Congratulations! Reading your blog and thus reading your passion for cookery, I am not at all surprised. Your future customers and employers shall be very fortunate indeed.


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