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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Prepare Yourselves

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blogosphere: I am preparing to do the Hanukkah Dinner tonight. This next few days will be a series of posts about each course, the preparation thereof, and so on. Be prepared.

Previous posts about a course from this meal include:

Curried Carrot Soup
Earl Gray Panna Cotta

Some changes will be made to the recipes, I suspect. I'll note that in a final write-up some time next week.

Until we meet again, cook well.




  1. Haha, I like how the picture is of ham for a Chanukah dinner ^-^

  2. It's actually a Top Sirloin roast (I think, my memory's a little foggy,) which was served at a Shabbes dinner a few months ago.

    Not that I don't love pork... because I totally love pork. There was, in fact, bacon in one of the dishes for the Hanukkah dinner.


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