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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chapter 2: The Return

It's been a long and unintended hiatus from this blog, punctuated by a post that, in and of itself, contributed to the very hiatus it had hoped to bring to an end.

That's a little convoluted, so let me be more direct:

First, I've been working my ass off for almost 3 years at the same restaurant, turning into a night shifter through and through. Four to five nights a week, from a few hours after I wake up until a few hours before I pass out. I won't recapitulate all the tropes about kitchen workers and chefs who don't do anything but their jobs, but that's pretty much me these days.

Second, I wrote that last post about cooking macaroni and cheese, and by a few winding routes of friends of friends, I ended up with a side gig writing articles for the Metro Times—food reviews, to be exact. I might syndicate them here, if I feel inclined.

Third, I bought a house. I mean, that was pretty recent, but in the meantime I'd been living in an apartment with a roommate, which precluded some amount of midnight cooking experimentation...

Fourth, I suppose, is that cooking for fun happens at work mostly now, where before it had largely happened at home.

Fear not, my dear readers!

For one, I have composed several dishes that I'll be bringing over here with recipes and reasonings behind some of them—or at least the ones that I think fit this blog's ethos.

For two, I've been given a project by my corporate chef—I'm writing desserts each month, to be featured daily and produced repeatedly. It'll be a big deal if they go well.

That project comes with a directive: it's to be based on "Tavern desserts," of the '30s-'50s... which happen to mostly harken back—at least in the early part of that range—to the desserts of the late 19th century... Hmm.

Seems oddly fitting to document the evolution of dishes based on what I do here, and at work, on here, while I serve them at work... yes. That.

So, starting with Saturday, when I'll have some pictures of beignets and a recipe for the dish, I'll be trying to post at least once a month about the evolution of my desserts.

And maybe, like I said, I'll syndicate my old restaurant reviews, and if we get really lucky this blog might be considered active again!


  1. Great stuff all around. Kudos to you! You've certainly lined up your activities and buys real well, including most especially your new house, where you can really make a lot out of, as long as it is covered for any potential damage it might incur. However, I'm sure that's in the cards as well. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Clifton Johnson @ Insuring theProduct

  2. Yay! Looking forward to your culinary adventures!

  3. Checking in, how goes your book and the house? Hope you're carving out some time for yourself.


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